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Decluttering is fun and freeing!

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Did you know there is a very big reason why you feel so overwhelmed when you look around at your clutter and think about getting organized? It’s because all clutter is delayed decisions. As you look around at your things, you feel overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you’ll have to make, so we normally tend to just delay getting organized longer without realizing why. Once you are empowered with the knowledge that it’s just a matter of making those decisions, de-cluttering is actually fun and freeing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s work. But it’s actually very therapeutic. Not only… read more »

I remember when…

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I can still remember a time so vividly, almost like it happened yesterday. When in fact, it’s been closer to 20 years ago (yikes!). I was a recently divorced, single mother of two young girls, 6 months old and 3 years old. I held a very good full time job, but since we were not receiving any type of financial support from their father or my family, and I had to pay ENORMOUS daycare bills, were struggling to put it mildly. We had just the very basic things in our apartment. What I remember most is that we only had… read more »

Your unwanted shoes save lives

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Isn’t that a fantastic thing? Your old unwanted shoes that are just laying around in your closet can save someone’s life. Did you know you had that power? Well you do, with the help of The Shoeman Water Projects! I have had the good fortune of meeting the founder of Shoeman Water Projects, George Hutchings, on several occasions over the years and to learn about his ministry. It is amazing to me the power that each one of us has to really change the world if we believe we can. George had already been collecting shoes for children in Kenya… read more »

I’m in the spotlight!

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How exciting! One of the most popular organizing websites and blogs, Organizing Junkie has chosen to honor me today in their Summer Organizer Spotlight series. The Organizing Junkie, Laura first heard about me when she stumbled across our partnering website that I had just launched, The Stuff Stop. It was fun answering all of her questions and quite an honor to be recognized by someone of such high esteem. You can find the article here. While you’re on her website, spend some time exploring it. It is jam packed with lots of great information.

An exciting announcement – The Stuff Stop®

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I’m writing today about a dream of mine that has finally come true. I’ve always been passionate about connecting people’s unwanted stuff with people who need that very stuff. I was passionate about this long before I became a professional organizer and that passion has only gotten stronger since I began seeing how much stuff was ending up in landfills. Last Wednesday I launched a new website that I created called The Stuff Stop®. The Stuff Stop®. is a FREE nationwide community resource that helps people dispose of the things they no longer need, use or love in a responsible,… read more »

My story

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I often share the story of why I’m so passionate about people getting rid of the things they don’t need or want so that they can help someone else. I tell this story in the hopes that people will understand how much their unwanted stuff can help others. Normally after sharing this story, people feel motivated to purge their unwanted stuff so it seemed like a fitting story to share here. I have been a single mother since my daughters were 3 years old and 6 months old. Their father didn’t pay child support like he was supposed to and… read more »

Unwanted crutches find new home

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So many times when I am working with clients, I will do whatever I can to find a new home for their unwanted stuff, rather than having it go into a landfill and be wasted. I’ve been doing some research on where I could donate 3 pairs of crutches that a client no longer needed. They are still in excellent condition. What I found was several places that will take your used wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and canes, and get them into the hands of people that really need those items. If you have medical type items that you would like… read more »

Your clutter means joy to others

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Is your home so filled with clutter that you don’t know where to start? You can begin by looking for things that you know you no longer want or need that you can give to someone else that desperately needs it. Why not start looking for the items that are needed by the following groups? The Shoeman – George “The Shoeman” Hutchings has collected approximately 500,000 pairs of shoes and has turned them into clean water for the people of Kenya. George and team are now working on bringing clean water to the people of Haiti. CURRENT NEEDS: Unwanted shoes.… read more »

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