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Meet Our Organizers


Sue Anderson, Organizing Expert & CEO

Simplified Living Solutions team member picture for Meet the Team page.“Nothing makes me happier than helping people take back control of their lives. Watching someone go from overwhelmed to jubilant relief is the most rewarding experience ever!”

Although Sue has helped people organize their stuff since SLS was founded in 2007, her main focus now is helping people organize their lives. She creates personalized systems and solutions that make daily life flow more smoothly and efficiently. With her lengthy background of administrative experience, and her attention to detail, she considers herself a paperwork and productivity expert! If you need someone to help you dig out from under your paper piles and never-ending to-do lists, she’s the one to call! She will partner with you to simplify your life and to take back control of it! 

Sue helps clients streamline so many things in their lives. From paperwork management, and mail processing, to creating filing systems. She can even help you reduce junk mail! Sue does anything from bill paying, to managing and tracking all of your finances and expenses. She’ll even help you find ways to save money. Sue can help you organize your passwords, contact lists and emails. She’ll help you stay on top of your insurance coverage and payments, license plate renewals, vehicle titles and so on. She’s even a notary! Bottom line, she’ll help you tackle your never-ending to-do lists. These services are provided for many on an ongoing, regular, basis. 

Laurie Corners, Organizing Expert

Simplified Living Solutions team member picture for Meet our Organizers page.“I love the supportive partnerships that I get to build with my clients! I am grateful every day knowing that I am one of the lucky ones who gets to make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives.“

Laurie uses her natural talents and abilities to create systems that make spaces look and function more efficiently and effectively. She’s been helping people get organized since 2011! Prior to joining Simplified Living Solutions’ team, Laurie worked as a collaborative leader and was recognized for her administrative advocacy, teaching excellence, and consultative experience in the field of Early Childhood Special Education for 15 years.

Laurie draws from her teaching and excellent communication skills when working with clients to ensure that their individual goals are achieved and that they are able to maintain the systems that are designed for them to bring order and simplicity into their lives. She specializes in working with adults and children who have disabilities. She is familiar with the specific challenges associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Language Impairments and Down Syndrome.

In her free time, Laurie volunteers at the Lindenwood Area Senior Ministry and St Louis Activity Center. She enjoys meal planning and cooking, traveling to new places, and spending time with her incredibly supportive husband Wayne, and her very spoiled cat, Punky.

Mimi Burns, Organizing Expert

Simplified Living Solutions team member picture for Meet the Team page.“It is so fulfilling to see the transformation from chaos to tranquility, and the peace and joy it brings to my clients!”

Mimi’s has been helping people get organized since 2009! She creates organizing systems that are tailored to her clients’ needs and desires. With a degree in interior design, and a flair for design, she can also help you decorate your newly organized space(s)!

A top-notch closet and playroom organizer, she’s an expert at paying attention to all of the small details! She loves working one-on-one with clients that have reached the point of surrender with excess and clutter. And, those who are willing to let go to have purposefully organized spaces in their home. She gets a thrill out of empowering clients, to overcome their “mountains” of disorganization, so that they can regain peace and order in their lives.

She helps to attack the paper piles that are spread throughout your house. Knowing that many people are unsure of what to keep, or let go of, she will help you navigate through those decisions. Then she’ll set up a filing system that will keep your paperwork organized for years to come! You can even schedule maintenance sessions so that Mimi can do all of your filing. That way, paper clutter won’t ever take over your space again.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, swimming, biking, hiking and going on “adventures” around St. Louis. She also has a passion for music and attending cultural events at all the famous landmarks around our city.

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