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Dealing with unwanted gifts

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As much as you don’t want to admit it, many of you probably received gifts you do not want. It’s probably just as likely that you would feel guilty if you didn’t keep those gifts because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. As I tell my clients, most people will never ask or check to see if you still have a gift they bought you. I’m also confident that they never meant for the gift they gave you to be a burden. I am extremely proactive about getting unwanted stuff out of my house. I think you have to… read more »

Christmas is over – what now?

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Now that all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas has passed, take the time to prepare for next year’s Christmas by: Discarding or donating broken or unused Christmas items. Putting the finishing touches on your Christmas card list. Taking a picture of your outdoor holiday decor so you’ll be able to easily duplicate it next year. Stocking up on ONLY those things you’ll need for next year (tinsel, gift boxes, wrapping paper, etc) while they are on clearance now. Storing all Christmas items together in the same area with clearly labeled containers.

A gift doesn’t have to be stuff

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Don’t be sucked in by the great holiday sales you see this year. Sales can be a great thing, but not if they cause you to buy something you (or your family and friends) don’t need. Why not give gifts this year that won’t add clutter to your family and friends home or office? Think of some creative ways you can celebrate the season together instead. Make a decision as a group to combine the money you would have spent on each other and: Adopt a needy family. Shop for donations for your local food pantry. Buy gifts for women… read more »

Simplify the holidays

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It’s not too early to begin preparing for the holidays. As a matter of fact, it’s a fantastic idea to get started now before the stress and rush of the holidays is upon us. Here are a few things you can do in advance to get a head start on things: Get copies made of this year’s Christmas picture if you will be including one in your Christmas cards. Buy, address, sign and stamp Christmas cards so all you’ll have to do later is drop them in the mail. Pull out Christmas decorations and determine if you need to purchase… read more »

Yikes, it’s December 1st!

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Once December rolls around, the stress and frenzy of the upcoming holidays begins to bubble up within us. As hard as we try to fight it, we usually end up succumbing to it eventually. I am very excited about Christmas this year. Usually I procrastinate about it for much too long and then end up running out and cramming all of my shopping into 1-2 days. Since I’m mentally prepared for Christmas this year, I can see that I’m taking a more proactive approach than usual and it’s already paying off. I am asking people what they want or need… read more »

Are you ready for Black Friday?

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If you’re like most of us, you’re spending the day today with family and friends if you’re lucky. Everyone has eaten more than their stomach could bear and now they’re kicked back with their feet up, and their shoes off, relaxing. Well tomorrow will be a completely different story if you plan to start or finish your Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Here are a few tips to get you through it. Plan ahead. – Know what you need to get and where you need to go to get it. Fill up your gas tank and run by the bank… read more »

Christmas gifts

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I had a fantastic Christmas, and hope that you did too. Before things get back to normal, it’s important to find a spot for all of the things you want to return or exchange to land. Many times things that are meant to be returned are lost within our other stuff and by the time we find them, it’s too late to return them. For the next week or so, as you move throughout your home, keep an eye open for anything that you know you need to return or exchange. Attempt to get the receipt from whomever gave you… read more »

The gift of giving

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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is already hussling and bussling to get just the right thing for those people on their Christmas list. It’s difficult to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas that has everything. My suggestion is not to get them a physical gift since it will really become a burden to them, rather than a gift. Here are some gift giving tips from SLS to simplify your holidays, as well as some creative ways you can celebrate the season together instead: Gift cards are a huge no-no. It is not uncommon for us… read more »

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