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The Truth About Clutter (Book)

Book cover of The Truth About Clutter: a plant with green leaves and white flowers in a white vessel, in front of a white wall.

Do you ever wonder why you hold on to things (or several of the same thing for that matter)? Or why it’s so hard to let go of them? Have you ever felt embarrassed, ashamed or defeated by your clutter or excess? Do you wonder why tackling your clutter leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and paralyzed?

The Truth about Clutter takes a deep look at what clutter really is, along with the many ways it negatively impacts our lives. Then it delves into the psychology behind why we continue to acquire more stuff and have trouble letting go of it.

The book explores the freeing power of letting go and releasing your excess – including the many ways it positively affects not only you, but others. You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge and information you need to break free from these destructive patterns.

BONUS tips and strategies are provided throughout the book that will help you successfully implement these changes.

50 Clutter Busting Tips
24 Guided Decluttering Exercises
Case Studies

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Modern Day Noah (Book)

Modern Day Noah: Taking A Leap Of Faith When It Makes No Earthly Sense is my own powerful “God story” that hopes to motivate, encourage and inspire you in a relatable, down to earth way.

Are your days spent simply going through the motions of life without feeling like you’re really living or participating in it? Are you longing to understand what your purpose is? Did you know we were created to thrive in life, not just to survive? Did you know we have the ability and power to do the most amazing things with our lives? Neither did I.

Modern Day Noah leads you through my own personal journey of living life in survival mode – from merely existing, throughout my mundane day-to-day life, to excitedly grabbing life by the horns and taking a leap of faith when it made absolutely no earthly sense! I hope to inspire and encourage you to step out in faith and live your life to the fullest, despite your own fears and insecurities. Just as I did. My desire is to help you understand, and to really believe, that you have the power and ability to do the most amazing things with your life. And, to remind you that you deserve that experience. You are good enough, just as you are.

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Conquer Junk Mail & Email Once And For All! (PDF) – $1.99

Junk mail & email not only cause stress and chaos in our lives, junk mail is a waste of our valuable natural resources! Use these simple tips and strategies to reduce the amount of postal junk mail & email you receive even before it hits your mailbox or inbox. The 20-30 minutes it takes to complete these steps will save you countless hours in the future.

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