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Modern Day Noah Has Been Published!

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Modern Day Noah: Taking A Leap Of Faith When It Makes No Earthly Sense is a book about my life, and the birth of my business, that hopes to encourage and inspire you in a real down-to-earth way. The book leads you through the ups and downs of my life, beginning with me merely existing, and just doing my best to survive whatever life threw at me. Then it moves through my powerful journey of “finding God” and inadvertently discovering what my true passion and purpose in life is. (Spoiler alert – it’s helping people get organized!) It’s a story of learning… read more »

Garage organization

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Are there rakes, shovels and brooms propped against the wall of your garage here and there? Or worse yet, are they lying down all around your garage floor? Do you find yourself tripping over them frequently? Or having to move them around to get to something you need? If so, you’ve got to invest in this Everbilt 64 inch Wall Mounted Modular Storage System! It was super inexpensive, easy to install and it got all of my garage clutter up off the floor and out of the way! The installation took me 30 minutes tops! Another great feature of this… read more »

A little planning goes a long way

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If you haven’t already started yet, it’s time to start getting the paperwork together that you need for taxes. If you have been using a FreedomFiler, your tax papers are already together for you. It’s important to determine a home for all of your tax papers to live until you receive them all, or find them all. I normally use a magnetic clip on my refrigerator to catch all of the incoming tax papers as they arrive. If you have a lot of paperwork that is needed for your tax prep, a hanging or expanding folder will probably work best. Whatever… read more »

Keeping accurate mileage record

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As a small business owner there are so many things to keep track of for your taxes. One of which is keeping track of your mileage. It can be a struggle to make sure it is tracked and documented all year. Either you forget to mark it down, you forget to bring a piece of paper to mark it on, or you lose the paper you marked it on. That can all be resoved with the Adams Vehicle Mileage Log AFR10. You can find these handy little books at Office Depot, Fed Ex Kinkos or several other places at a… read more »

Where is that gift card?

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Do you have gift cards, coupons and frequent buyer cards scatterred throughout your home or office? Do you miss great deals and savings by never having them with you when you need them? If so, here’s the solution; the Card Cubby. The Card Cubby is a stylish, alphabetized mini-card file that fits right into your purse, briefcase, baby bag or car console! Use your Card Cubby to alphabetically file: Gift Cards Coupons (Fold and File) Frequent Buyer Cards Discount Cards Business Cards Player Cards Important Contact Info Insurance Cards And on and on… You can also put your drivers license… read more »

Break free from your paper piles

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Are you drowning in paper piles? Do you feel like you work hard all day and get nothing accomplished because you’re running in circles looking for things? Paper clutter and disorganization is a very real problem. One of my all time favorite products, Freedom Filer is the perfect solution to your paper problems. The FreedomFiler® is the only self-purging filing system available today. With this system, you will be able to quickly file or retrieve whatever information you may need. Once you begin using Freedom Filer, you will never again have to take time out of your life for cleaning… read more »

Send Out Cards

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Do you often miss sending a card on a special occasion? Do you buy cards with the intention of sending them, but then don’t? If this sounds like you, you’ll love Send Out Cards. I’m a huge fan of Send Out Cards so I want to take a moment to tell you about it. I think many of you may find this service to be a lifesaver. With Send Out Cards, you can send a printed handwritten greeting card with your message in less than 60 seconds. Simply choose your card, write your message and click send. Send Out Cards… read more »

Ready to get more control over your time?

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Time Timer is a fantastic tool for people with special needs such as students with ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.; counseling situations; occupational and physical therapy sessions; stroke and brain injury rehabilitation; and geriatric care. Time Timer is so easy to use that even young children and those with learning disabilities can monitor their own timed activities. I highly recommend this tool for anyone struggling with ADD. This innovative tool incorporates a red disc into a common kitchen timer to show the passage of time. As time elapses, the red disc disappears. You see and feel time elapse as the Time… read more »

Great product for jewelry storage

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When I found the hanging jewelry organizer, I was ecstatic! With two daughters, there was jewelry everywhere. And more importantly, when you wanted to wear something, it was always very difficult to figure out who left it where. That all changed with this hanging jewelry organizer. This is a perfect example of what professional organizers are referring to when we talk about creating systems for your stuff. Now the stress and aggravation we used to feel when searching for that perfect necklace is gone. We all know where the jewelry goes, so it’s easy to return it there. It’s also… read more »

Are plastic bags taking over your house?

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Do you have plastic shopping bags everywhere? Falling out of pantries? Hanging out of drawers? Some in the kitchen? Some in the garage? Some in the basement? If so, this grocery bag holder is the solution. You simply wall mount this in a convenient location (mine is inside my pantry) and then you can store all of your empty plastic bags in one convenient location. It’s also great because it helps you set limits on the number of plastic bags you keep, and makes you more aware of the need to return your excess plastic bags to the store to… read more »

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