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Keeping accurate mileage record

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mileage-logAs a small business owner there are so many things to keep track of for your taxes. One of which is keeping track of your mileage. It can be a struggle to make sure it is tracked and documented all year. Either you forget to mark it down, you forget to bring a piece of paper to mark it on, or you lose the paper you marked it on.

That can all be resoved with the Adams Vehicle Mileage Log AFR10. You can find these handy little books at Office Depot, Fed Ex Kinkos or several other places at a cost of about $3.50. The reason they work perfectly for recording your mileage is that they are small enough to lay in your car’s counsel. Clipping a mechanical pencil to it will keep it weighted down enough to keep it in place and will ensure that you always have a pencil to record the mileage.

Although it is small enough to be out of the way, it is still something you notice every time you get in the car. By seeing it each time you get in the car, you are reminded to log your mileage whenever it is a business trip you are making. It is also easily stored with your other tax documents for the year. All of this peace of mind for under $4.00. You can’t beat it!

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