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Cute Containers Aren’t The Answer

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When you think of getting organized, you most likely think of a magazine picture which shows a room with pretty little containers perfectly lined on a shelf. But getting organized is so much more than buying pretty containers to keep your stuff in. It is learning new strategies that will help your life, work and stuff flow. Clutter represents a clog in the flow of your stuff. Beating clutter requires building new habits, applying new organizational methods, and creating new routines.

Garage organization

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Are there rakes, shovels and brooms propped against the wall of your garage here and there? Or worse yet, are they lying down all around your garage floor? Do you find yourself tripping over them frequently? Or having to move them around to get to something you need? If so, you’ve got to invest in this Everbilt 64 inch Wall Mounted Modular Storage System! It was super inexpensive, easy to install and it got all of my garage clutter up off the floor and out of the way! The installation took me 30 minutes tops! Another great feature of this… read more »

Where do the forks go?

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Do you ever have to stop and think where the forks go when you are putting away dishes? Do you ever wonder where you’ll find a fork when you need one? Most likely your answer to these questions is a resounding no. If everything were as easy as finding a fork, or putting away a fork, life would sure be simpler. Here’s the great thing, it can be. Being organized simply means taking the time in advance to determine a home for everything that comes into your house and a system for handling it. Once you have done the work… read more »

Three common organizing mistakes

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Buying the container first. – People tend to see a really cute organizing product that they just know is going to work perfect for something. Chances are it won’t get used. It’s important to organize and purge your belongings before you decide what you’ll contain them in. Keeping paperwork without thinking it through. – Life is busy. We’re all in a big hurry. Because of that, most people feel like they’re in too big of a hurry to deal with the papers that come into our home or office and so we keep them just in case. Not determining a… read more »

Buddy up

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If you have small children and have a hard time finding “alone time” to work on getting organized, why not buddy up with a friend? Pick a specific weekday and time and then every week, take turns keeping each other’s children for a couple of hours. Your children will have fun hanging out with someone else and you’ll be a happier, more focused Mom when they return. Try some of these quick organizing or decluttering projects while your children are away: Tackle one or more of the bookshelves. Decide which books you can part with and which books you will… read more »

Impromptu jewelry box

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I’m the kind of person that has to see things to remember that I want to do them, or have to do them. I am what they call a visual person. That’s why it is so crucial to me that everything is kept where it belongs. That way I’ll notice things I have to do when I see them laying in a place where I know they don’t belong. The most recent change I made concerned my jewelry. I have had my jewelry laying in a fancy glass heart shaped bowl on my nightstand for years. Because my nightstand is… read more »

What is a zone?

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A big part of getting organized is determining the zones for each area you are working in and then only allowing those things that belong in that zone to live there. What do I mean by zones? A zone is a specified part of a room, or area, that is designated for a certain activity, or a certain type of items. For instance, a home office may be divided into the working zone, the office supply zone, etc. A kitchen might be divided into the food prep zone, the cooking zone, etc. When everyone understands the purpose, or activity that… read more »

Quick tips

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Simple quick tips to tackle any small area in your home or office this weekend. Pick a small area to start in. Sort like items with like items. Purge those items you don’t need or that don’t belong in that space. Find homes and containers for the items you’re keeping based on their use. Label, label, label!

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