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Garage organization

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organized-garageAre there rakes, shovels and brooms propped against the wall of your garage here and there? Or worse yet, are they lying down all around your garage floor? Do you find yourself tripping over them frequently? Or having to move them around to get to something you need?

If so, you’ve got to invest in this Everbilt 64 inch Wall Mounted Modular Storage System! It was super inexpensive, easy to install and it got all of my garage clutter up off the floor and out of the way! The installation took me 30 minutes tops!

Another great feature of this storage unit is that it comes in 4 different wall mounting pieces that are 18 inches each. You can hang all of them together to create a 64 inch wall mount, or you can mix and match the pieces to create the wall mount size you want. You can even create different wall mounts in a variety of places in your garage.

Not only are all of the items you see in the picture up off the floor of my garage now, having them hanging upside down makes it easy to walk past them and not bump into the shovel or rake head. Why don’t you take $15 and 30 minutes of your time to install one and feel the great peace of mind that comes with it?

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