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Simplify meal prep

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Take the stress and guess work out of last minute meal preparations by setting your ingredients and recipes in the dish you plan to make it in. This helps you double check that you have all of the necessary ingredients, and that you have the appropriate number of dishes to prepare your meal with. Reduce daily stress by doing as much food preparation as you can in advance. For example, in the recipe shown with this post, you can crush the crackers and combine them with the almonds in a baggie ahead of time. Instead of waiting until the last minute… read more »

Serving food at parties…simplified

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My motto, and I believe an organized motto, is that you can never plan too early. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, or really with any get together you plan, there are so many things you can do in advance that will really simplify things for you and allow you to really have time to enjoy your guests. As you can see in this picture, everything is on the table that I’ll need for my get together except for the hot and the cold dishes that you can’t really put out until the last minute. It’s actually much… read more »

Great resources for meal planning

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People are often embarrassed for some reason that I instinctively know how to organize (and love every second of it) and they don’t. Truth be told, I bet there’s a bunch of you that instinctively know how to cook (and love every second of it) and are brilliant at it. I am not – and that’s putting it mildly. For those of you that can actually tell how something is going to taste just by reading the recipe, this blog’s for you. Following are some great meal planning resources available online. Enjoy! E-Mealz is very reasonably priced and will create… read more »

It’s not about the perfect food!

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For many, many years I ran around preparing for Christmas and other holidays so that everything would be picture perfect. Whether I was hosting the event, or attending it at someone else’s house, I would feel the entire weight of the event on my shoulders. I wanted everything to be perfect for everyone – which it usually was. I always had all of the great treats and dishes I made sitting out on the table when guests arrived. The cups, silverware, serving utensils and everything else would be right in their place, ready to be used. As the event went… read more »

10 tips to simplify the holidays

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SHOPPING: Shop online. – So simple – enough said. Condense your shopping. – Don’t waste time rushing from store to store. Pick a shopping destination, or two, and buy as many gifts as you can from your list there. FOOD PREP: Plan your big meal together as a “potluck” meal. – This allows people to pitch in by making their favorite dish. When everybody helps, the burden is lighter and the fun factor is higher. Prepare ahead of time. – Prepare as much as you can ahead of time so you can enjoy your time together rather than rushing around… read more »

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