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Where do the forks go?

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Do you ever have to stop and think where the forks go when you are putting away dishes? Do you ever wonder where you’ll find a fork when you need one? Most likely your answer to these questions is a resounding no. If everything were as easy as finding a fork, or putting away a fork, life would sure be simpler. Here’s the great thing, it can be. Being organized simply means taking the time in advance to determine a home for everything that comes into your house and a system for handling it. Once you have done the work… read more »

Why get organized?

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This is the year to get your home, office and life organized. I’ve listed 10 benefits of getting organized below to encourage you to get started now rather than later (or never). Reduced stress. More productive. Saves time. Saves money (buying things you already have but can’t find). Saves energy. Regain control of your home, office and life. Arrive on time. Improve your quality of life. Increased joy and peace. Creates space for new things to come in to your life.

Did you just call me Fatso?

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About 7-8 years ago I found myself knee deep in depression. At that time, I didn’t realize that I had turned to food for comfort and happiness. By the time I realized it, I had put on 50 lbs! Needless to say, none of my clothes fit me anymore. I held on to those clothes though because I knew I was going to lose the weight and fit into all of the clothes again SOMEDAY. Since I had spent a lot of money on the clothes and some of them were relatively new, I wondered how I could just give… read more »

The cost of disorganization

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Disorganization can cost you. Having your time, tasks and stuff organized prevents: Lost information that is never found, resulting in missing important deadlines or events. Misplaced information that takes time to find, decreasing your productivity. Late fees and poor credit rating. Auto renewals that go into effect without human/manual intervention. Rush or overnight fees to compensate for lateness. Duplicate purchases because you can’t find what you need. Storage units costs to store things you think you might need someday. Stress-related medical problems

Why live an organized life?

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I live an organized life because I like a sense of calm. I want to feel comfortable if guests drop by unannounced. I want to find my phone and my keys instantly. I want to put my hands on a much-needed document at a moment’s notice. I want to locate the perfect outfit in my closet. I want to grab all of the ingredients for my dinner recipe. And I want to do all of these things (and more) easily, quickly and in a relaxed manner. I want to breathe easy and smile and have lots of enthusiasm and motivation… read more »

De-clutter your small business

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As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges other small business owners are faced with. More often than not paperwork, filing and electronic information are seen as the enemy. It is a struggle to keep everything in order, pay everything on time and keep up with the constant stream of incoming information. Here at Simplified Living Solutions, we are passionate about helping small business owners set up systems to manage your paperwork and electronic information so that you can focus on what’s really important, selling your product, delivering your service, or exceeding the expectations of your clients. By… read more »

My home is not perfect

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People always ask me if my home is in perfect order, well it isn’t always. I do have a home for everything though, and so when it gets chaotic or I need to put everything back where it belongs, it doesn’t take long. You know, I have always been aware of the mental drain that a chaotic home or office environment has on people’s lives, but I recently got a taste of it first-hand. Within two weeks of each other, my older daughter moved back home and my younger daughter moved out. My older daughter had lived on her own… read more »

Disorganization results in losing millions

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Illinois State officials are urging people who regularly play the Illinois lottery to check junk drawers, glove compartments, unused purses and old wallets to make sure they’re not holding one of 77 unclaimed prizes from 2011 totally $2.4 million. Winning tickets are no longer valid if not collected within a year of the drawing. The first of the unclaimed winnings from 2011 expires January 4th. Five Mega Millions tickets worth $250,000 each remain unclaimed. They were purchased at retailers in Bolingbrook, Herrin, Decatur, Crete and DeKalb. Four Powerball second-place tickets valued at $200,000 a piece and bought at locations in… read more »

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