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My home is not perfect

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People always ask me if my home is in perfect order, well it isn’t always. I do have a home for everything though, and so when it gets chaotic or I need to put everything back where it belongs, it doesn’t take long. You know, I have always been aware of the mental drain that a chaotic home or office environment has on people’s lives, but I recently got a taste of it first-hand.

Within two weeks of each other, my older daughter moved back home and my younger daughter moved out. My older daughter had lived on her own for five years and so she had lots of stuff that she brought home with her. She was overwhelmed with the job of unpacking and finding homes for everything, and so the process was very slow. I wanted to help, but I also wanted her to feel like she had her privacy. After finally getting somewhat settled into a bedroom, she decided she wanted to take over my other daughter’s room in the basement so she’d have more room.

In doing that, she simply dumped my younger daughters things in a big heaping pile in a bedroom right next to mine. I left it like that for a couple of weeks, waiting for her to take the time to put the room in order. Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to devote about 5-6 hours one day to sort through everything there and set up the room. It was a lot of work but it was very empowering.

Before I did that, when I would walk by the room, all I could think about was how sad I was that my daughter wasn’t there. The room in shambles sort of represented the way I felt about my daughter not being there anymore. It made me feel sad, overwhelmed, stressed and much more. Basically knowing the room was like that weighed me down each and every day. Now when I walk by the room, I feel peace because everything is in order. I no longer feel the sadness, stress or overwhelmed feelings I felt before. Aren’t you ready to reclaim your home and your life again?

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