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Clearing out my closet

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It’s so funny how people that clean houses never take the time to clean their own. People that build websites never take the time to keep their own updated. Well, I’ve been so busy helping others get organized that I’ve let my own space go and it’s driving me crazy. So I am going to tackle them this week, beginning with my closet. I am dreading this as much as any of my clients do. Why? Because it is so time consuming, depressing because I’ll have to face the fact that most of my cute clothes don’t fit anymore because… read more »

Clothes have rules too

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In order to remain organized and clutter-free you must establish systems, or rules, for your stuff. Here are some fairly basic rules that you can easily implement to help you keep a handle on your clothes: Check them seasonally. At the beginning of each season when you are switching out your wardrobe, take a fresh realistic look at the clothes you are moving into your closet for the upcoming season. Do you still like that style? Is there anything wrong with it? Does it fit? Put hangers backwards. When you move your clothes for the upcoming season into your closet,… read more »

Let’s tackle those closets

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Our closets are a place that we use very frequently. If they are clutter filled and not in order, this can add to our daily stress because we waste time and energy searching for the things we need on a regular basis. Start off tackling the closet by pulling everything out of the closet and sorting the items into categories. Do not try to make any decisions on whether you need an item at this time, just sort. Once you have completely sorted the entire closet into categories, you can go back and make a more informed decison about the… read more »

Declutter before the holidays

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It’s a great idea to make room for all of the new stuff that you know will be coming in during the holidays. Here are a few simple tips to accomplish that: TOYS: Discard broken toys. Donate seldom used toys to someone in need. Box up at least half of the toys and store them elsewhere. In six month you can re-introduce them to the children. They’ll feel like it’s Christmas all over again. CLOTHES: We only wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Purge and donate the clothes that you never wear. Set a limit on how… read more »

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