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Buddy up

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If you have small children and have a hard time finding “alone time” to work on getting organized, why not buddy up with a friend? Pick a specific weekday and time and then every week, take turns keeping each other’s children for a couple of hours. Your children will have fun hanging out with someone else and you’ll be a happier, more focused Mom when they return. Try some of these quick organizing or decluttering projects while your children are away: Tackle one or more of the bookshelves. Decide which books you can part with and which books you will… read more »

Creating a responsibility chart that works

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Yesterday, I shared a great chart on our Facebook page that you can use as a visual reminder to help your kids learn routine & structure. I also mentioned that making the chart together helps kids take more ownership of the process too. That post prompted one of our clients to share the responsibility chart that she uses to rotate the chores between her 2 daughters. She has given me permission to share the chart and how it works with you here. First things first, after the family all worked together to come up with a list of the areas… read more »

Declutter before the holidays

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It’s a great idea to make room for all of the new stuff that you know will be coming in during the holidays. Here are a few simple tips to accomplish that: TOYS: Discard broken toys. Donate seldom used toys to someone in need. Box up at least half of the toys and store them elsewhere. In six month you can re-introduce them to the children. They’ll feel like it’s Christmas all over again. CLOTHES: We only wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Purge and donate the clothes that you never wear. Set a limit on how… read more »

More back to school tips

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Use only one calendar. If I were only allowed to offer one time management tip, this would rank high on the list. It is imperative that you combine all of the sports schedules, school schedules, social schedules, daycare schedules, etc onto one calendar. This way you can readily see well in advance any scheduling conflicts that you may have and you can address those immediately AND it allows you to discard that big pile of paper schedules that you normally have to shuffle through. Plan and lay outfits out the night before. This also helps to cut the anxiety level… read more »

Back to school tips

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Routines and habits can help us live a more ordered, effortless life which ultimately cuts down on our stress level too. Your children will learn these valuable habits from watching you and will ultimately be able to carry these same habits through life with them as well. As a single parent for most of my children’s school years, I can attest to the value of these much needed time management tips. Plan for the unexpected. As a rule, have your children arise 15 minutes earlier than normal every day. This extra time allows the children to wake up and prepare… read more »

Tips for a successful school year

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There’s no denying it, every school year starts off the same; an overwhelming amount of paperwork is brought into your home from school within the first few days. If you make plans now for how you are going to deal with it, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is. Leave your schedule open. Don’t make any plans for the first week. You can count on making a trip to get school supplies you didn’t know they would need. You’ll need time to deal with the paperwork and to discuss school rules, etc with your children. Use one central calendar… read more »

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