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Making it work

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Since there was enough stuff in my spice cabinet to really fill two spaces, I separated the spices from the flour, sugar, etc. After raising a couple of the shelves in the cabinet so that the larger spaces were on the bottom two shelves, rather than the top two like it had been before, I began returning items to the cabinet. I placed the items in the cabinet based on their usage, with the most frequently used or larger items on the bottom shelves. And the less used or smaller items on the top shelves. I was also able to… read more »

The Home

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After determining your vision, sorting and then tossing your items, it’s time to determine where they should live based on their usage. I had an empty drawer in my kitchen that I hadn’t realized before. I shifted other items in my kitchen around so that the right size drawer was empty. I wanted to put my spices in a drawer so that I could make my vision for the spices a reality. I would be able to see the spices easily. I would be able to get anything out of the drawer I needed very quickly. And return the item… read more »

The Toss

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After establishing my vision for the spice cabinet and sorting the items, it was time to toss or consolidate items. Check expiration dates and toss expired items. Consolidate duplicate and triplicate items. Determine if you still need the items. Once I followed the simple steps above for the items in the spice cabinet, I was able to pull in some of the same items from other cabinets and consolidate them. I found more sugar, flour, brown sugar, baking powder and Pam in another cabinet. Of course those items were 1/2 or 1/3 full as well, so I was able to… read more »

The Sort

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Once I figured out what wasn’t working with the spice cabinet, and what my vision was for it, I took everything out of the cabinet. Needless to say, there were many duplicate items and even more triplicates of items than I want to admit. After grouping like items with like items, this is what I found: 2 bags of sugar – one 1/2 full, one 1/8 full 2 bottles of virgin olive oil – both pretty full 3 bottles of vanilla – two full, one missing about 4 tablespoons 3 jars of chicken bouillon cubes – two missing about 6… read more »

The Vision

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This spice cabinet in my home has not been working for a long time. It is crammed full of things, I can’t see what’s in there, and it’s a nightmare to get anything out of it. I’ve been putting off re-organizing this cabinet for so long because I didn’t want to stop and take time out of my busy schedule to do it. Saturday I tackled and conquered it. I took pictures along the way in the hopes that it will help you to know how to re-organize different areas of your home or office. We’ll go through it step… read more »

Declutter your kitchen

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Go through your spices and foods, and combine duplicates. Check expiration dates on the foods in your fridge and pantries. Toss those that are expired. Put all holiday dishes and large bulky items you seldom use in the hardest to reach place in your kitchen. How many glasses and mugs do you really need?

Declutter before the holidays

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It’s a great idea to make room for all of the new stuff that you know will be coming in during the holidays. Here are a few simple tips to accomplish that: TOYS: Discard broken toys. Donate seldom used toys to someone in need. Box up at least half of the toys and store them elsewhere. In six month you can re-introduce them to the children. They’ll feel like it’s Christmas all over again. CLOTHES: We only wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. Purge and donate the clothes that you never wear. Set a limit on how… read more »

Yes you can, can

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Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to see what kind of can goods you have in the back of the pantry but you can’t get to them? Don’t you hate when you forget to rotate your can goods and by the time you get to the ones in the back, they’re expired? This product will maximize the storage space in any cabinet and make it easier for you to see, and get to, the things you need.

Sweet and spicy

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Spice storage is a real problem for most people. Either there are too many spices and so you can’t see them all, they’re stored too high to see them all or a host of other problems. This product looks like a fantastic solution to alot of the problems that people encounter trying to manage their spices. These spice rack storage organizers attach to the back of a door or can be hidden away inside a cabinet. And they allow you to easily see all of your spices.

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