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Impromptu jewelry box

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My jewelry 1I’m the kind of person that has to see things to remember that I want to do them, or have to do them. I am what they call a visual person. That’s why it is so crucial to me that everything is kept where it belongs. That way I’ll notice things I have to do when I see them laying in a place where I know they don’t belong.

The most recent change I made concerned my jewelry. I have had my jewelry laying in a fancy glass heart shaped bowl on my nightstand for years. Because my nightstand is a good distance from the bathroom where I get ready each day, I forget that I wanted to wear jewelry. I know, I know, I’m not a “girlie girl” naturally.

I finally took the time the other night to untangle all of my necklaces, purge any jewelry I no longer wanted or wear and brainstormed about a better solution, or system, for storing my jewelry in a manner in which I would see it, so I could remember I wanted to wear it.

I have a very small bathroom and I didn’t want the jewelry cluttering it up. What I did was remove the fancy little hand towels that just hang there for decoration and hung my necklaces in their place. This was the perfect solution for my issue. It doesn’t clutter up my space, it’s practical and functional for me. I have children in their 20’s and they both loved the new “jewelry box”.

As professional organizers we create customized solutions for our clients just as I created for myself with the jewelry. There is never a cookie cutter answer for organizing. Each individual has unique needs and challenges. To make things work and remain organized, the solutions must be well thought out. What are you struggling with?

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