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Ready to get more control over your time?

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Time Timer is a fantastic tool for people with special needs such as students with ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.; counseling situations; occupational and physical therapy sessions; stroke and brain injury rehabilitation; and geriatric care. Time Timer is so easy to use that even young children and those with learning disabilities can monitor their own timed activities. I highly recommend this tool for anyone struggling with ADD.

This innovative tool incorporates a red disc into a common kitchen timer to show the passage of time. As time elapses, the red disc disappears. You see and feel time elapse as the Time Timer’s dial graphically shows you how much time is left. With consistent use, it ensures that time awareness is easy to understand and monitor.

In a teaching situation, no other tool communicates the concept of elapsed time as well. Time seminars, meetings, panel discussions and presentations with the Time Timer. It provides the ability to judge how much time is left upon a glance, without having to think about it. Aren’t you ready to get more control over your time?

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