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Dealing with unwanted gifts

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As much as you don’t want to admit it, many of you probably received gifts you do not want. It’s probably just as likely that you would feel guilty if you didn’t keep those gifts because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

As I tell my clients, most people will never ask or check to see if you still have a gift they bought you. I’m also confident that they never meant for the gift they gave you to be a burden.

I am extremely proactive about getting unwanted stuff out of my house. I think you have to be or your surroundings will quickly be taken over by your stuff. Following is what I did with the unwanted stuff I received:

  • Exchanged a pair of slippers for a store credit with which I bought mascara, a 6-pack of gum and tylenol. All 3 of which I needed.
  • Re-gifted a “cutesy” little Christmas thing-a-ma-bob that served no other purpose than “cutesy clutter” to a parking attendant I see often.
  • After asking several friends, I found one that wanted another “cutesy” Christmas candy container to use as a gift for their boss. Be careful these things sure multiply quickly!
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