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A gift doesn’t have to be stuff

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Don’t be sucked in by the great holiday sales you see this year. Sales can be a great thing, but not if they cause you to buy something you (or your family and friends) don’t need. Why not give gifts this year that won’t add clutter to your family and friends home or office? Think of some creative ways you can celebrate the season together instead.

Make a decision as a group to combine the money you would have spent on each other and:

  • Adopt a needy family.
  • Shop for donations for your local food pantry.
  • Buy gifts for women and children at an abuse shelter.
  • Give a gift to a charity, organization, or needy family, in the name of whomever your gift is for.

Show appreciation to one another with an action rather than a gift:

  • Shovel Grandma’s snow just because.
  • Bake your Uncle’s favorite pie.
  • Offer to walk an elderly neighbor’s dog.
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