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Decluttering is fun and freeing!

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Did you know there is a very big reason why you feel so overwhelmed when you look around at your clutter and think about getting organized? It’s because all clutter is delayed decisions. As you look around at your things, you feel overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you’ll have to make, so we normally tend to just delay getting organized longer without realizing why.

Once you are empowered with the knowledge that it’s just a matter of making those decisions, de-cluttering is actually fun and freeing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s work. But it’s actually very therapeutic.

Not only does de-cluttering help you by reducing your stress, your stuff can really make a positive impact on other’s lives who desperately need your unwanted stuff. I’ve created a national website called The Stuff Stop that helps you match up your unwanted stuff with people in need. Check it out!

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