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Silly little time saving tips

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I must confess that I do so many little things to save myself time and aggravation that others may think are silly but I know they simplify my life. Why don’t you try a few and give me your feedback. Removing tops: Rather than wasting time opening and closing a package to get to what I need, I remove the tops of things when I purchase them, such as egg cartons, pop tart boxes and dog treat boxes. Remove excess packaging: Rather than fumbling with things that have excess packaging when I’m in a rush, I take the time to… read more »

Increase productivity in the office

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Taking the time up-front to get organized in the office results in a large number of benefits including increased productivity, reduced stress and more time to work on what really matters. Here are some good ground rules to get you started on your desktop: Keep those items that you use frequently within your fingertips reach. Keep those items that you use a little less frequently within your arms reach. Keep those items that you rarely use somewhere else such as in a supply cabinet, on a shelf or on top of a filing cabinet. Assign a home for each task… read more »

Power through procrastination

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Part of helping people declutter and organize their home, office and life is coaching them through their procrastination to make decisions or take actions that they have been putting off. I’ve said it over and over, but clutter is delayed decisions. So the only way to declutter is to make those decisions. Procrastination drains your energy and you don’t even realize it. There is nothing as mentally exhausting as an uncompleted task or decision. The most common reasons for procrastination are: Difficult: The task or decision seems hard so we avoid it in favor of those things which seem easy… read more »

Keep it simple

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Being organized really is as simple as finding a home for everything, and then setting up systems to maintain it. An important part of getting, and staying organized is to keep your systems simple. Here are some examples of how to keep it simple: Too many files will slow you down. Rather than setting up individual files for each bill you pay, set up a file for bills you pay by month. Storing paperwork in hanging files is more effective than storing them in a binder. All you have to do is drop them into hanging files. With a binder,… read more »

Create systems that work for you

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If you are a small business owner like me, chances are that you wear many different hats. You are the sales person, the marketing person, the administrative person, the research person and the person that goes out on the job. With so many tasks to manage, it is very important to plan your week, to allow time for you to work in the various roles. It is equally important to come up with systems and procedures of how and when you will execute each task. For instance, you may determine that you will return phone calls daily between 9:00 a.m.… read more »

Tired of searching for electronic files?

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When you stop to think about how much time you waste (lose) searching for things, and the amount of stress it causes, you will understand the value of taking the time to get things organized. You will gain back the time you spent getting organized in no time, and you will save lots more time and stress on top of that! These days we all spend alot of time on the computer. How many times have you wasted valuable time looking for documents that you know are on your computer, somewhere? It is important to set up your electronic filing… read more »

Want to be more productive at home?

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Being more productive at home just takes planning. If you take the time to map out your day in advance, you will get so much more accomplished, and you will have more time to spend doing the things you love to do. Here’s a short example of how you can simplify your day and be more productive: Determine the things you need to get done that day. Let’s say I need to buy a present for a baby shower, drop the kids off for school and pick them up later, do two loads of laundry, do dishes, pick up laundry… read more »

Want to be more productive at work?

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If you want to be more productive at work, it takes planning. What do I mean by planning to be more productive? That means taking the time in advance to: Determine every task, paper or project that comes across your desk. Establishing a home for each task, paper or project. This is where it will live until you have the time to work on it. Do like things with like things. Make all of your phone calls at once, pay all of your bills at once, etc. Create a schedule for when the work will be done. Normally tackling the… read more »

Write email messages with your purpose in mind

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Most managers receive over 100 email messages per day, and spend only a second or two deciding whether to open them. Most such decisions are based on the subject line. Even when they open the message, they may only read a line or two before deleting it and going on to the next one. If you take the time to send an email message, take the time necessary to insure it fulfills its purpose. For instance, craft the subject line so it grabs their attention while telling them what the email message is about. Put the vital information in the… read more »

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