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Keep it simple

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Being organized really is as simple as finding a home for everything, and then setting up systems to maintain it. An important part of getting, and staying organized is to keep your systems simple. Here are some examples of how to keep it simple:

  • Too many files will slow you down. Rather than setting up individual files for each bill you pay, set up a file for bills you pay by month.
  • Storing paperwork in hanging files is more effective than storing them in a binder. All you have to do is drop them into hanging files. With a binder, you have to hole punch them first and then take the time to place them in the binder. These small additional steps are enough to make you not do it.
  • A paper action system without a lid is more likely to be used than one with a lid. Just having to remove the lid to use it is a big enough deterrent that it won’t get used.
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