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Team work!

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Are you moving soon? Are you overwhelmed by the thought of it? Where will you put everything in the new home? When will you find the time to unpack? If this sounds like you, we can help. Our team can unpack your entire home for you, in an organized manner, so that you can get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible!

Loss of a loved one

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Today marks the 12-year anniversary since my younger brother, Mike, died from leukemia. He had just celebrated his 39th birthday 2 weeks before he died. Before my family and I could even begin to deal with the emotional loss we were experiencing, we were faced with the physical task of sorting through Mike’s many belongings to find any legal, insurance or medical paperwork he had in order to prepare for his funeral. Mike had documented his final wishes in a Will but since he never got around to signing it, his Will was ignored and not considered legally binding. This… read more »

Are you living in CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome?

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So many of our clients struggle with CHAOS; Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. They are embarrassed about the condition that their home has gotten into and therefore they never invite anyone over to visit. Many times when people call us they express how much they wish they could invite guests over, or even more often we hear about how they wish their children could have friends over to play or visit. The true problem stems from the fact that a clutter problem left untouched can grow and multiply very quickly. Thus leaving you feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of where… read more »

Grieving mother

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I worked with a grieving mother last week who tragically lost her young son 6 weeks ago. Because the death was so unexpected, the family was not prepared for the financial burden of a funeral. There was a enormous outpouring of support, both financially and otherwise. This mother had been facing a gigantic pile of cards, scribbled notes of who gave what, jumbled notes of people’s addresses, etc. Every time she would attempt to sit down to attempt to write thank you notes, she was overwhelmed by the task because of the completely disorganized pile. We worked together to sort… read more »

Overwhelmed & paralyzed? A professional can help

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I tend to have a natural knack for decorating and arranging rooms so that they look spacious, inviting and peaceful. As a matter of fact, this is something that comes so naturally to me, that I do this for our clients in their homes on a daily basis. However, I recently found myself overwhelmed and paralyzed about how to transform my kitchen. I’ve hated the red kitchen in my house since the day I bought it 7 years ago but never had time to do anything about it until now. To redo my kitchen, there were so many decisions to… read more »

We haven’t raised our prices in over 4 years!

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I know they say it’s bad manners to talk about money but I think it’s important to let you know that we haven’t raised our rates in over 4 years! Why do I think that’s important to point out to you? Because I think that says a lot about the value we bring you for your dollar and is yet another prime example of why you should choose Simplified Living Solutions for your organizing needs. We’ve been in business 7 years, have received the Angie’s List Super Service Award and I (Sue Anderson) am one of only a couple hundred… read more »

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