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Are you living in CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome?

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So many of our clients struggle with CHAOS; Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. They are embarrassed about the condition that their home has gotten into and therefore they never invite anyone over to visit. Many times when people call us they express how much they wish they could invite guests over, or even more often we hear about how they wish their children could have friends over to play or visit.

The true problem stems from the fact that a clutter problem left untouched can grow and multiply very quickly. Thus leaving you feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin. This then snowballs into depression, stress and low feelings of self worth. So many times clients will say they just want their lives back.

As professional organizers we will come into your home or office and help you declutter, get organized and set up systems to keep you organized so that you have more time for the things you love. Aren’t you ready to take back control of your life? Give us a call at 314-221-5232.

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