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Grieving mother

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I worked with a grieving mother last week who tragically lost her young son 6 weeks ago. Because the death was so unexpected, the family was not prepared for the financial burden of a funeral. There was a enormous outpouring of support, both financially and otherwise. This mother had been facing a gigantic pile of cards, scribbled notes of who gave what, jumbled notes of people’s addresses, etc. Every time she would attempt to sit down to attempt to write thank you notes, she was overwhelmed by the task because of the completely disorganized pile.

We worked together to sort through the notes and piles so that she could begin writing the thank you notes. By working together I was able to keep her focused on writing one card at a time while I attempted to make sense of her notes. After spending 3 hours together, she had completed 23 cards and has a system set up to finish the rest. The piles are under control and she is amazed at how simple the task looks now. I love my job!

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