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It’s not about the perfect food!

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For many, many years I ran around preparing for Christmas and other holidays so that everything would be picture perfect. Whether I was hosting the event, or attending it at someone else’s house, I would feel the entire weight of the event on my shoulders. I wanted everything to be perfect for everyone – which it usually was. I always had all of the great treats and dishes I made sitting out on the table when guests arrived. The cups, silverware, serving utensils and everything else would be right in their place, ready to be used. As the event went… read more »

10 tips to simplify the holidays

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SHOPPING: Shop online. – So simple – enough said. Condense your shopping. – Don’t waste time rushing from store to store. Pick a shopping destination, or two, and buy as many gifts as you can from your list there. FOOD PREP: Plan your big meal together as a “potluck” meal. – This allows people to pitch in by making their favorite dish. When everybody helps, the burden is lighter and the fun factor is higher. Prepare ahead of time. – Prepare as much as you can ahead of time so you can enjoy your time together rather than rushing around… read more »

Choose people over things

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Today’s blog post comes from Harold Taylor of Taylor In Time. What a great reminder. Make a list of the people you really enjoy spending time with. How much time did you spend with those people during the past week? Last month? Last year? Chances are there are people – perhaps family members – who are being crowded out of your life because of your busyness. Some people are so busy networking; they have little time for anyone who is not a business associate. Be careful that you don’t allow the people who count to be crowded out by things that… read more »

Planning will get you places

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I’ve been spending alot of time working on next year’s budget, marketing strategies and business plan. To be honest, it’s a lot of work. Most of my fellow small business owners are doing the same thing. Though it seems like I am giving up alot of paid time, and falling behind on my daily tasks, I know how important it is to take the time to get clear on your vision. Without a vision, or a plan, you will continously feel like you are just spinning your wheels. You’ll wake up in a few years, not any further than you… read more »

Time clutter update

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about my problems with time clutter and how I tend to fill my planner and to do list without even considering if what I am scheduling will really benefit me, my company or my family. Once I took the time to get clear on how I wanted to spend my time, it was easy to clear my schedule of the clutter that was overtaking my schedule. Now when new tasks or events present themselves to me and ask for my time, I look at it a completely different way before allowing them onto… read more »

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