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Time clutter update

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about my problems with time clutter and how I tend to fill my planner and to do list without even considering if what I am scheduling will really benefit me, my company or my family.

Once I took the time to get clear on how I wanted to spend my time, it was easy to clear my schedule of the clutter that was overtaking my schedule. Now when new tasks or events present themselves to me and ask for my time, I look at it a completely different way before allowing them onto my schedule. This has given me a greater sense of control and has reduced my stress tremendously.

Clearing the clutter from my schedule is no different than clearing the clutter from any area of your life, home or office and the results are always very empowering. The steps are the same whether you are decluttering your time or a space.

  • Get clear on your vision
  • Take action to declutter
  • Set up systems and rules to keep it up
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