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Time clutter

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We normally think of clutter as physical objects, but there are many types of clutter that aren’t. Cluttering our mind with too much information, cluttering our body with too much junk food and cluttering our schedule with too many commitments are examples of other types of clutter.

I have struggled with time clutter since I launched Simplified Living Solutions, Inc. I tend to fill my planner and to do list without even considering if what I am scheduling will really benefit me, my company or my family. The problem stems from the fact that I never took the time to decide and get clear on how I wanted to spend my time in the first place.

As I tell clients, clutter represents delayed decisions. We put off making decisions about our clutter so it builds and builds until we are overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. De-cluttering any area in your life or space can be resolved by following the same process; get clear on what your vision is and then only keep those things that support your vision.

To alleviate my time clutter, I had to get clear on my vision of how I wanted to spend my time. I had to start by acknowledging that I wasn’t really respecting my own time, or seeing my time as the precious and valuable thing that it is. Then I had to take the time to decide how I wanted my time to be spent, more time with family, more time for exercise, less networking, etc. Once I took the time to get clear on my vision, I was able to clear the clutter from my schedule that didn’t support that vision.

It is a process, just as organizing any area is, but I’m taking the time to get VERY clear on how I want to spend my time and I am only allowing myself to schedule those things that benefit myself, my family and my business. Anything else represents clutter and must go!

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