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Our stuff can trigger painful memories

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My youngest daughter got married last week. Since she loves to cook (I do not), I decided that the perfect wedding present for her would be to create her own recipe box filled with our family recipes that she could take with her. That way she would be taking good memories of home and the many times we cooked those items together throughout her life too. While I was going through the recipes and retyping them for her, I stumbled across this recipe that my brother printed out just before his death. As you can see, I wrote on the… read more »

Clutter creeps in

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Unfortunately, staying organized and clutter-free is a process that never ends. It’s something that you always have to stay on top of, always have to devote time to and constantly have to tweak. Just as maintaining a weight loss requires constant attention, so does being organized. But it becomes easier and easier as habits and systems are created to do just that. You really have to keep a keen eye on everything that comes into your home or office to stay on top of it because it’s really easy for clutter to creep in. I’m a professional organizer, I love… read more »

All it takes is baby steps

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When you feel overwhelmed by your clutter or disorganization, it’s paralyzing. You don’t have a clue where to even begin because the problem seems so big. If you can at least begin making some type of baby steps, you will eventually advance to bigger steps. But it all starts with just baby steps. I’ve been struggling with my weight for the last few years and I often reflect on how similar losing weight is to getting organized. There isn’t a simple or quick fix for either of them. Many of our clients would love to just buy a book on… read more »

My story

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I often share the story of why I’m so passionate about people getting rid of the things they don’t need or want so that they can help someone else. I tell this story in the hopes that people will understand how much their unwanted stuff can help others. Normally after sharing this story, people feel motivated to purge their unwanted stuff so it seemed like a fitting story to share here. I have been a single mother since my daughters were 3 years old and 6 months old. Their father didn’t pay child support like he was supposed to and… read more »

Just take the first step

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We’ve got a winner! Valiha Strecker posted the winning comment on last week’s blog and won her own set of Rubbermaid Drawer Organizers. Congratulations Valiha and thanks Rubbermaid for making this contest possible! I was extremely excited about Valiha’s response when I notified her that she’d won the contest. With her permission, I’m sharing portions of her email here. Well, I have to say that your posts really got me motivated. I not only cleaned out our junk drawer but I also conquered one one of our closets and then got started on our basement… which is a mess! And… read more »


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Today I go face to face with one of my biggest fears – public speaking. I’ve blogged about it here before. My focus this last year has been to work really hard to overcome this fear. I will be speaking with some other fantastic women today at Webster University on Breakthroughs to Success. I will be talking about how clutter and disorganization stops you from being all that you were created to be. We’ll discuss the various feelings associated with keeping things and why it’s hard to tackle your clutter mountains. Then I’ll be sharing some practical tips and information… read more »

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