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Ready or not, 2014 is almost here!

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Where has the time gone? It’s so hard to believe that 2013 will be coming to an end before we know it! You know what that means? It’s time to start preparing for 2014. The most important thing you’ll need for an organized 2014 is a calendar or planner to capture all of the appointments, school schedules and other things you’ve already got scheduled for next year. I picked up my new planner today and have used a picture of it in this blog post. I love this particular planner made by Blue Sky and have used this style for… read more »

Time management tips

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Schedule time next week to complete what you didn’t finish this week. Schedule appointments with yourself to complete priority work. How many magazine subscriptions do you have? Does the amount of time you have to read them match the amount you are receiving? Utilize your prime time for priorites. Avoid checking email first thing in the morning. Group your tasks together such as calls to make, bills to pay, etc. Avoid multitasking; it takes the brain 4 times longer to recognize and process each time you change gears to a new task. If you switch back and forth constantly you… read more »

Getting things done

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If you need reminders and motivators to help you get things done, you might want to check out the iDoneThis website. Based on your replies to their “What’d you get done today?” emails they send you every day, they will keep tabs for you on a calendar that shows what you have accomplished. You can look to your streak from yesterday to motivate you today.

Write email messages with your purpose in mind

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Most managers receive over 100 email messages per day, and spend only a second or two deciding whether to open them. Most such decisions are based on the subject line. Even when they open the message, they may only read a line or two before deleting it and going on to the next one. If you take the time to send an email message, take the time necessary to insure it fulfills its purpose. For instance, craft the subject line so it grabs their attention while telling them what the email message is about. Put the vital information in the… read more »


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As you may have noticed, I have not been very good at blogging each and every day. Sometimes I don’t even blog once a week. As a small business owner I realize the importance of blogging, and the need to do it consistently. However, in my work as a Certified Professional Organizer, CPO® I help people manage and prioritize things in their lives. I teach them that we have to make decisions on things we can let go of. I know that we can’t always do everything we want to do or would do in a perfect world. We have… read more »

More back to school tips

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Use only one calendar. If I were only allowed to offer one time management tip, this would rank high on the list. It is imperative that you combine all of the sports schedules, school schedules, social schedules, daycare schedules, etc onto one calendar. This way you can readily see well in advance any scheduling conflicts that you may have and you can address those immediately AND it allows you to discard that big pile of paper schedules that you normally have to shuffle through. Plan and lay outfits out the night before. This also helps to cut the anxiety level… read more »

Back to school tips

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Routines and habits can help us live a more ordered, effortless life which ultimately cuts down on our stress level too. Your children will learn these valuable habits from watching you and will ultimately be able to carry these same habits through life with them as well. As a single parent for most of my children’s school years, I can attest to the value of these much needed time management tips. Plan for the unexpected. As a rule, have your children arise 15 minutes earlier than normal every day. This extra time allows the children to wake up and prepare… read more »

Need help staying on track?

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The Motive-aider is a programmable behavior modification conditioning device for making new habits and breaking old ones. It is worn on a belt or in a pocket. Periodically, at preset intervals, it emits a silent pulsing signal. Since you only feel the signal and no one can hear it, you can think of it as your personal, private reminder. It would seem that this device would be perfect to help those that struggle with ADD to keep on track. Often ADD clients lose track of time, forget what they were doing, etc. With the Motive-aider’s preset signals, they would receive… read more »

Time clutter update

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about my problems with time clutter and how I tend to fill my planner and to do list without even considering if what I am scheduling will really benefit me, my company or my family. Once I took the time to get clear on how I wanted to spend my time, it was easy to clear my schedule of the clutter that was overtaking my schedule. Now when new tasks or events present themselves to me and ask for my time, I look at it a completely different way before allowing them onto… read more »

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