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Managing your mail

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While I suggest going through your mail daily and at least discarding junk mail, if you’re not doing that, make it a point to go through your mail weekly. Mail management is a real issue in our world today and a problem that I see with clients daily. It can easily get out of control and leave you feeling overwhelmed if you don’t stay on top of it.

  • Assign a place for your mail to land. It is very important that your mail have a home where it always lands when you bring it in the house.
  • Action system. You’ll need a place to hold the various tasks that come with the mail such as bills to pay, calls to make, etc. I blogged about action systems.
  • Toss junk mail immediately. Enough said.
  • Receive and pay your bills electronically.
  • Take action to stop junk mail. Get off as many junk mail lists as you can. The time you spend doing this will save you countless hours of dealing with unnecessary mail. Email me at for a list of our stop junk mail tips.
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