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Free yourself from paper piles

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Most people tend to lay all of their papers that require action or follow up on their desktop so that they don’t forget to take action on them. Because there aren’t any systems set up for handling the paperwork or tasks, and there is no rhyme or reason as to where they are placed on the desk, the papers and piles just get moved around on the desktop without getting much of anything accomplished.

To combat this problem, a system needs to be put in place for your papers and tasks to help you move them into your workspace and then back out of your workspace. Every paper or task that you deal with should have an assigned home and plan for how they will be handled. This is accomplished by setting up an action system. Every home or office needs an action system.

A vertical slot organizer on your desktop, an open filing rack, or a portable expanding wallet for papers make great action systems. Ideally you can label the slots from the side (facing you). Action files can be organized by category or by date. Categories may include “Bills To Pay”, “Letters To Write”, “Calls To Make”, and so on. Dates may include days of the month, “Days 1-15”, “Days 15-31”, and “Future”. At the end of each month review your “Future” file and decide what papers to deal with in the upcoming month.

Papers that are extremely urgent may be placed on your desk right in front of you – to be dealt with immediately. A good action file system allows you to spread out things to do over time and prevents you from having to search through your paper piles each day just to decide what to do! Aren’t you ready to take back control of your paperwork, be more productive and less stressed?

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