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Why is de-cluttering so hard?

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Did you know that clutter represents delayed decisions? Once you know that, it makes the thought of de-cluttering seem less overwhelming. You think to yourself All I have to do is make decisions on everything. That can’t be that hard. While de-cluttering is extremely empowering, it is also mentally and emotionally draining.

When you make a decision on a piece of paperwork for instance, you have to read it and decide if you want or need the information. If you want the information, you have to decide where you should keep the information, what you should do with the information, etc. That’s alot of decisions for one little piece of paper.

If you are purging old clothes, there are still alot of decisions but you also have emotional attachments to the clothes. I remember I wore that to my daughter’s baptism., I remember when I was that thin. I wish I was that thin again., etc. So not only does de-cluttering make you feel mentally exhausted, but you can also feel emotionally exhausted.

Once you have taken the time to de-clutter areas of your space, office and life you will feel so empowered, so much lighter and a decrease in stress. Yes, it’s work to de-clutter and get organized but isn’t anything worthwhile work?

If you can’t tackle de-cluttering on your own, give us a call. We will help you stay focused, decrease the number of decisions you have to make, do the physical work for you such as bagging up donations, trash, etc and make the process more manageable and fun!

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