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What is the point of pen sets?

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When organizing an executives extremely cluttered home recently, we must have found at least 20 expensive pen sets that were all still in their cases, never used. That made me wonder why anyone would really give a pen set as a gift. Does anyone really ever use the pens? Why don’t they use them?

I think part of the reason they aren’t used is that they come in a perfect little “pen set box” and so people think they have to keep them in their box. Since they’re in their pretty little “pen set box”, no one ever thinks to use them. And no one wants to take the time to open the “pen set box” to get the pen when they need a pen. They are probably stored somewhere other than with their daily office supplies because they seem special in some way.

Through my analysis of pen sets I’ve determined that most pen sets are just simply clutter. What is clutter? Clutter is anything that you don’t need, use or love. Pen sets would fall under the “don’t use” heading. Therefore, they are a waste of money and space. Out of curiosity, I had to find out how much the average pen set costs. Following are just a few examples of money people are throwing away to add clutter to other’s homes without knowing it.

Waterman Hemisphere – $75
Monteverde Invincia Rose – $85
Executive Engraved Pen with Stand – $200
Laban Sterling Two Pen Set – $355

Please rethink pen sets as a gift or prove me wrong by sharing with me here why your pen set has been an asset to your life.

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