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What? Do you think I’m crazy?

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If you think it’s a crazy idea to hire and pay a professional organizer to help you with your clutter and disorganization, think again. It costs you a lot more if you don’t hire one. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll “pay” for not de-cluttering and getting organized.

You stay stuck in the past.
Because your space is full of stuff from the past, there is no room for relationships, or a fuller life, to come in. Since we are constantly distracted by the things from our past that are all around us, we can’t focus on our future and pursuing our dreams.

Your productivity & efficiency decreases.
You waste time searching for things and you waste time doing things over because you can’t find what you’ve already done. The visual distractions from clutter make it very difficult to stay on task and so you may tend to go around in circles, never really accomplishing anything from start to finish.

It takes a toll on your body, spirit, work and relationships.
The clutter and disorganization grows until you feel completely overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Although you may think you are ignoring it, the truth is that it is always there, weighing on you. And by not dealing with it, it just gets bigger and bigger, leaving you feeling depressed and bad about yourself. Since there is no peaceful place that you can go to regroup, refresh or relax, the thinking part of your brain just shuts off.

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