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Weed constantly

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A very big part of getting, and staying organized, is weeding constantly – everywhere. Rather than looking at your entire house or entire office and thinking how you have to weed all of it, break it down into manageable pieces. This way you can tackle it in little bits rather than thinking you have to give up an entire day to weed out unwanted stuff.

Here are some simple ways of breaking down the weeding:


  • Do just the linen closet.
  • Do bedroom closets by doing just the shoes, just the shelf, 1/2 of the hanging clothes, etc.


  • Do just one bookshelf at a time.
  • Pull anything off the bookshelf that isn’t a book or doesn’t belong there.


  • Do 1 or 2 cabinets at a time.
  • Weed out expired foods from the pantry.


  • Do 1 or 2 desk drawers.
  • Weed out unwanted office supplies and combine anything that you can (i.e. 2 boxes of the same type pens with only a few in each box).
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