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Time management tips

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Though I struggle with time clutter, I seem to excel with time management. What I mean by that is that I am able to complete tasks in a more efficient way and so my time spent is very productive. A big part of the organizing services we offer is helping people set up systems that allow them to be more productive.

Some very simple tips that you could apply to your life and time right now are:

  • Rather than running up and down the steps each time you find something that belongs either up or downstairs, put baskets at the top and bottom of the steps. Then when you go up or down for another reason, you just grab the stuff in the basket and take it with you.
  • Make to-do lists so that your time spent is more focused. Having a plan for your time is much better than running around in circles.
  • Do like tasks together such as paying bills, making phone calls or entering info into the computer.
  • Have systems in place for all of your incoming paperwork, mail and information.
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