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That’s so trashy

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Trashy LunchI’ve always felt frustrated with the amount of unnecessary waste in the world. Whenever I buy one item from a store, or restaurant, and there is an extra 5-10 inches of paper on the receipt besides showing my purchase, it just sends me through the roof. That’s why my lunch experience yesterday inspired me to take a picture of the waste and post it here.

This picture is from my lunch that I had delivered from Imo’s. When I unwrapped my sandwich, salad and soda, I stood back in amazement at the amount of waste there was just from that. The trash is on the left side of the picture, while my 3 lunch items are on the right. This trash side of the picture doesn’t even include the container the salad was in, the container the dressing was in, the can from the soda or the wrapping from the sandwich. Imagine what a change we could make to the damage done to our earth if everyone were more conscientious about the amount of waste they generated.

Ever had a similar eye-opening experience?

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