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A heavy price for keeping stuff

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Sometimes people searching for help squirm at the costs of hiring a professional organizer to help them get organized. Most everyone that calls us is feeling pain in one way or another – stress, emotions, overwhelmed, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people that see the value in hiring a professional organizer, but there are some that don’t because I don’t think they can truly see the price they’re paying for not getting organized. Recently a local 75 year old woman was found dead in her home that was packed full of stuff she saved. Among the clutter,… read more »

What is a hoarder?

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That question will be addressed in depth on a new documentary show called Hoarders that debuts tonight on A&E. The show takes you inside the homes and lives of hoarders and discusses their struggles and challenges. The show also focuses on the ways that a professional organizer can help in these situations. This show should help dispel the common misconception that professional organizers just clean up your house or office. Here are just a few of the great things that professional organizers provide. Education – We teach you to look at your things and tasks differently. Increase your productivity – Assist… read more »

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