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Suffering from email overload?

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Go through ALL of the emails currently in your inbox, one by one, and decide what you need each email for. Create folders in your inbox with the following names and move each email into the appropriate folder once you make the decision on each of them.

  • Reference:
    Is this something that I don’t necessarily have to see as it comes in but I need to keep it for future reference?
  • Action:
    Is this something that I need to do something with or take action on?
  • Pleasure:
    Is this something that I subscribed to because I am interested in reading this information when I have time?

Create a system within your folders. By deciding first if the email requires action by you, or if it is for reference or pleasure, this will help you create your folders in a way that will bring the most important emails to the surface.

Take the time to unsubscribe from unwanted emails you’re receiving. It will take a few minutes longer initially but it will end up saving you alot of time in the future deleting each one individually.

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