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Recycling is easy

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You know, when we find something too big for us or overwhelming, we tend to put it off. We procrastinate about doing it. Do you know I wanted to recycle for years before I finally just jumped in and did it? Why? Because I was afraid I would have to learn a lot of stuff about what could and couldn’t be recycled. I wasn’t sure how I would contain it until the trash company picked it up, etc. I had what seemed like a million questions and just like you, I’m a very busy person.

Once I finally slowed down long enough and took the time to call the trash company to find out how to get started, they gave me all of the information I needed. And, they supplied the recycling trash dumpster as well.

In my experience working with clients I have seen many well-intentioned, good-hearted clients who recycle and it has only caused them problems because their recycling stuff clogs up their house. Just like anything else in your home or office, you have to create a system to get the stuff in and back out.

In order to be sure that the recycling didn’t clog up my house, I bought a second indoor kitchen trash can that is strictly for recycling. It sits right next to my regular trash can. I make sure that I rinse out any of the items that need to be recycled immediately and I place them in the recycling trash can. When that trash can is full, out it goes.

We have 5 full trash cans of recycling before we even come close to having 1 bag of honest to goodness trash. It feels great to know that with a little bit of effort from me and my family, we can make a difference in the world!

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