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Put it on paper

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Goal setting is very important. And putting your goals down on paper can’t be stressed enough. Until you take the time to MAP out your goals, they won’t become a reality. Because we are creatures of nature, we normally spend our days doing the same things over and over. Once our goals are written down, and then broken down into manageable steps, we can begin to take action on them.

If your goal is to buy a house someday, your manageable steps might look like this:

  1. Check credit reports to make sure there are no adverse things listed.
  2. Take action to correct them if there is.
  3. Stay at the same residence for a long time to show stability to the lender.
  4. Stay at the same employer for a long time to show stability to the lender.
  5. Determine what monthly payment you will be comfortable with.
  6. Determine the area you want to buy in.
  7. Begin comparing selling prices in that area so you will be knowledgeable when you are ready to make an offer.
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