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home-office-afterLook at the dramatic difference in this after picture from our Messiest Desk Contest. Imagine how much more productive the client will be now that they are organized and not distracted by all of the visual clutter.

Here are some simple tips on how to set up a productive, stress-free work environment:

  • Keep the things you use the most within fingertip reach.
  • Keep the things you use often within arms reach.
  • Keep the things you use rarely the furthest away.
  • Everything on or in your desk, and in your office, should be assigned a home based on it’s use.
  • Don’t just create a file for everything you want to keep. Think about why you think you want to keep it first.
  • Take the time to organize your filing system.
  • Group like things with like things, including your tasks.
  • Stop trying to use a table or something else for a desk, it will NEVER work. Get a desk with at least one or two drawers for hanging files.

In our before and after picture of this desk, you’ll see in the first picture that the left side of her desk had a glass door in front of the two shelves. She couldn’t use that space effectively because the door was blocked by a bunch of books. By removing the glass door, she can easily get whatever she needs AND return it to it’s assigned home just as easily.

What’s your biggest challenge with your desktop or office space?

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