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Organization 101 – day two

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Step One
The first step in getting organized is to determine what your vision is for the space or system you are working on. My vision for the junk drawer is to be able to quickly find what I need, quickly retrieve it and quickly return it so I can easily find it next time I need it.

Step Two
Remove anything from the space or system that doesn’t belong there based on your vision. As you can see, my junk drawer had a lot of tools living there that really belonged in my tool box. There were about 5-7 different sizes of screwdrivers and about 10 other tools that I don’t use; some that I don’t even know what their purpose is. I’ve lived in my home 3 years and have never reached for these tools so they don’t belong in a quick access drawer. Step two also includes getting rid of any trash or excess items that aren’t really necessary or used in your life today.

Several battery wrappers only held 1-2 batteries and were taking up alot of unnecessary room, there were odds and ends that had laid in that drawer for 3 years. Knowing I had never reached for those items, or even remembered they were there, they were tossed. You will be amazed at the amount of items step two gets rid of.

Have you picked an area in your home or office to organize with me this week? If not, it’s not too late to get started. One lucky reader will win their own set of Rubbermaid drawer organizers. Simply leave a comment on any of this week’s posts to enter.

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