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Organization 101 – day four

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After completing all of the steps we’ve discussed already, you’re finally down to what will actually stay in the space. Now it’s time to figure out what containers to use for the items that are staying. Thank goodness in this project we already know what containers we’re using thanks to Rubbermaid. They gave me a set of drawer organizers to try out and want to gift a set to one of my blog readers that leaves a comment…hint, hint. The winner will be selected Monday.

Before selecting your container, you’ll need to make sure that the container is the right size and that things are not brimming over. You’ll also want to leave room to grow in each container. Don’t use a bigger container than you need, or you’ll be wasting space. Once you’ve determined which container to use for each group, you must figure out where each container should live based on the use of the things in the container and the space you have to work with.

In this picture you see my junk drawer after it’s been organized and labeled. I had to move the drawer organizers around several times to make it work for me, so I could have the things we use the most closest to the front. Look back at the pictures from day one and compare them to today….amazing, right? Not only is the drawer easy to use now, it’s also visually relaxing as opposed to the stress I felt each time I tried to open, close or find something in the drawer before.

How did your project turn out?

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