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Oops, I did it again…

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I’ve talked about my problem with time clutter many times before. It continues to be a challenge for me since my desire to help others is so strong, I forget to think about myself, and my own needs, when I accept commitments. In May 2013, I cleared my schedule completely for 2 weeks while I took the time to map out the vision, or direction, for my life, family and business. After mapping out the vision, I had to remove things from my schedule that didn’t fit into that vision.

It was a great feeling to get clarity on what was important in my life, family and business and then to let go of the things that didn’t represent that vision ~ or were actually dragging me away from it. This is exactly how clients feel when we work with them. It is so empowering, freeing and encouraging to map out the vision for your life, your workflow and your stuff and then to let go of the stuff that isn’t supporting that.

Once you have gotten an area organized, it is so important to do what it takes to maintain that order. Time and time again, clients go back to their old habits and the clutter and disorganization creeps back in. I must admit that I am the same way with my time clutter issue. Since I like to be really involved in everything that I do, within a matter of a few months, I had accepted several obligations for leadership roles. The duties that come with those roles have now taken over my calendar again, leaving me little time for the things that are important to me in my life.

I saw the time clutter creeping back in, but I just didn’t know how to stop or control it. The answer was that I should have always kept my vision in the forefront of my mind and I should have said no to those things that didn’t honor that vision. I must admit I’ve probably let down several people by accepting the leadership obligations because I was more concerned about their needs than mine, and I am now dropping the ball by telling them that I can’t devote that much time and energy to what they need. In the end, I’ve got to spend the time I have, my life, doing the things that meet my goals, my passion and my vision for my life.

Are you letting things clutter up your time, your home or your office that drain you of energy you could be using more purposefully in another area of your life? You sure would make me feel a lot better if you shared those challenges with me.

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