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If your resolution this year was to get organized, I want to be the one that helps you reach that goal. Taking the time and energy to get organized truly changes your life.

Let’s tackle your paperwork first:

  • Sort papers into piles of reading, reference and action papers.
  • Take a good look at your reading pile and determine if you realistically think you will read everything in that pile or not. If you realize that you probably can’t get to it all, decide to only keep your top 3 and recycle the rest.
  • Move your reference papers to your file cabinets by either filing them, or choosing a space and container to hold them until you can file. Label the container.
  • Sort your action papers into piles of what action you need to take on each paper, i.e. make a call, pay a bill, etc.

Once you’ve taken these steps above, your desk should be cleared off and you should feel inspired to take action on the paperwork that requires action from you. I think if you set your mind to it, you could have all of your action papers done before you leave the office today. Let me know how you did.

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