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Kitchen cabinet project

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This was a quick little project I did in my own kitchen. I don’t keep things perfectly organized in my own home with cute little bins and labels simply because I don’t really need to since I don’t have a ton of stuff to manage. However, the cleaning supplies and such under my kitchen sink had always sort of irritated me. It was never a challenge to find what I needed, but I would always inadvertently knock over anywhere from 1-5 things each time I reached for something in the back.

Then I would have to take the time to stand everything back up, only to end up knocking it all back over again when I returned the item to the cabinet after its use. I finally had enough of that frustration and did something about it. Not only does the cabinet function better now, it even looks so much better.

I simply bought 2 sturdy baskets and split the cleaning products between the two of them. Now I can easily pull out the entire basket to get what I need and not have to worry about knocking a bunch of other stuff over in the process. Even when I don’t pull the entire basket out, things don’t get knocked over simply because the baskets help hold things in place.

You’ll also notice that I didn’t put my dishwashing soap into a basket. The reason I didn’t is because I use that frequently and I want to be able to get at it easily. Since it’s the only thing not in a basket, I can quickly reach in and grab it and I can just as easily return it to its spot without any trouble.

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