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Food for thought

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If you hold on to the beautiful dish sets your mother collected after she dies, but they are wrapped up in boxes in the basement, are they really there as a memory of her? Wouldn’t it make more sense to save one of the dishes and display it? Or take a picture of the set and then pass them on to someone in need, or sell them?

If someone gave you a gift that you have no intention of ever using, and it is cluttering up your life, is there really a reason to keep it? Would the person that gave you that gift ever ask you to prove you still had it? What if you knew there was someone out there that really needed that item? Would it still make sense to keep it?

If you want to save everything, and have trouble letting go of things, is it really worth all of the stress that comes with keeping it? Is it more valuable to you to keep it all, rather than being able to walk in your house without tripping over things, being able to find what you need, being embarrassed to have company over and not being able to have any open space?

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