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Facebook was key in decluttering efforts

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If you want to declutter but you don’t want to see everything end up in the trash, or if you lack the resources to hire a professional organizer, rent a truck to move the big stuff or invest in a dumpster, I’ve got a great solution for you. I actually have to give all of the credit to one of my clients.

She was sick and tired of all of the stuff in her house, cramping her style and she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. What she did next was absolutely brilliant. She began posting pictures of the things she didn’t want on her Facebook page. She prefaced each of her picture postings with “OK everybody who said they were nosey… here are a few pics of the things I am giving away to a good home, FREE!! You just have to come get it! Many of these things were gifts, so apologies if you gave it to me, just clearing house!!”

The stuff she is posting is going like hotcakes. I am so impressed that this client had the courage to apologize if she was giving away something that she received as a gift but then following that apology with “it has to go”. I have to say this is one of the smartest decluttering moves I have ever seen. I am so impressed. I’ll tell you why:

  1. It requires little effort from the declutterer. Just making decisions, taking pictures and posting them. Whomever decides they want the item has to make arrangements to come get it.
  2. There are no costs involved for the declutterer.
  3. You don’t have to let any strangers in your home.
  4. You can declutter and list things at your own pace. Doing a handful of things at a time makes it feel more manageable than trying to decide about everything in your house at once.
  5. The items are going to people that truly want or need them and so they will be a blessing to the person that gets them rather than a burden to you.
  6. If you hesitate to let go of things because you hate to just toss it, this is the perfect thing to motivate you to let go of it since it is going to a new home where it will be appreciated, used, etc.

I’ve been watching the people responding to the pictures she’s posting. They are jumping on the stuff. My client says that it has been very successful and that 50% of the stuff has already been picked up!

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