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Clothes have rules too

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In order to remain organized and clutter-free you must establish systems, or rules, for your stuff. Here are some fairly basic rules that you can easily implement to help you keep a handle on your clothes:

  • Check them seasonally. At the beginning of each season when you are switching out your wardrobe, take a fresh realistic look at the clothes you are moving into your closet for the upcoming season. Do you still like that style? Is there anything wrong with it? Does it fit?
  • Put hangers backwards. When you move your clothes for the upcoming season into your closet, simply put the hangers backwards. Then as you wear each item and return it to the closet, put the hanger in the correct way. At the end of the season you can see at a glance the clothes you didn’t wear because their hangers will still be backwards. This will help you make quicker decisions about what to keep or what to let go of.
  • Hang like items together. Hanging your various clothes items together will cut down on the daily stress of trying to locate something. Pants together, skirts together, shirts together, etc.
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